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Meizitang Strong Version

Meizitang Strong Version
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Meizitang Strong Version

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Meizitang Strong Version is the strong version of Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel. It contains 20% more effective ingredients than Meizitang normal version.

According to the survey, Meizitang Strong Version has helped 90% of its users to perfect their body figure and shape an alluring body figure. It helps to reduce weight by penetrating into the subcutaneous fat tissue via the skin surface. And after reducing weight, it will help to keep the skin tight, stimulate the growth of elastic fiber, and restore the original elasticity of the skin, thus molding a perfect body curve.


Lotus leaf, Psyllium Husk, Artemisia dracunculua, Jobstears, Bamboo Shoot, Xianxian Cao

[Specifications] 650mg x 36pills/bottle, All Soft Gel has Laser Mark “MSV”
[Usage & Dosage] 1 capsule / time, 1 time / day
[Caution] Not applicable for Children, woman in pregnancy and people with cardiovascular disease and apoplexy etc.
[Valid Period] 24 month
[Storage] Store in cool, dry and dark conditions
[Producer] Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
[General Franchiser]: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

by Yvette Tile Wizards
I'd like to say the product is my saviour, the pill helps me lost 9 pounds in three weeks. I can wear the beautiful dress to attend a very important party

by Bar Mouton
i have tried so mnay diet pills over years. and this one works for me at a steady pace, slow but works. maybe is because i have tried so many diet pills before. so there are some antibody , but i m satisfy with it.

by Surely Zvirgzdina
i like msv, i have kept using it for 7 months. and i lost about 56lbs , it keep losing now, but much slower , i have taken this for long time. and no side effects and no rebounding. i love them. i have already recommended this to my friends. they will order from you soon.

by Charletta Fielding
The price is much better than the one i bought from another company, but this one wrorks for me , i found that the liquide inside is clean white or clear white . i also heared that there is another meizitang with brown liquide , i haventt ry that yet, is that also the real msv ?

by Felipe Osborne
MSV, they have laser letters on every pill , this is my second order and i love the MSV, it did better than other products i have used. and no side effects.

by Adriana Wallon
I really like the fact that it is only 1 pill a day rather than a lot of other products where it is 1 before each meal... I just can not remember to do it 3 times a day. I simply take it while I am making breakfast in the mornings. and appetite has been curb from morning.

by Stella Lopez
I eat sensibly, exercise, etc... but felt like I just needed a boost to my metabolism. I can’t lose weight only by eating healthy, i need something to help me reduce weight , Meizitang Strong Version work faster, and that’s what i need .